A New Field Test For Deadly Drug Fentanyl Found In San Diego

What is causing the most overdoses from Fentanyl, besides Fentanyl?

This might seem like a trick question, but it’s not. People knowingly take Fentanyl even though they are aware of the risk, and this in itself is a deadly decision. But what about those people that think they are buying something else, and find it was laced with Fentanyl.

This is happening across the US. If you have read any of our previous posts, or follow the news, you know how important this field test is to check if something is tainted with Fentanyl.

This is why researchers at UC San Diego are excited about a new field test they have started using to determine if the drug Fentanyl is present.

The researchers that created these strips say they are similar in size to diabetes or pH strip, and for this reason, are very portable and easy to carry around.

The strip is very sensitive and can detect even the smallest amount of the deadly drug. It’s also very easy to use. All you have to do is put the test strip on the substance and get a sample from it.

After you have used the field test, you wait a few minutes to let it register.

The technology in this strip is highly advanced. It uses a combination of silver plus another molecule. What happens next is a meter that pushes a current from the silver into the sample that you collected. If the material reacts a certain way, scientists can tell if there is even the smallest amount of Fentanyl present.

We know this technology might seem a little confusing, and we admit we’re not sure what all the molecules do, but we know that if it helps police to detect Fentanyl, we are for it.

This would mean that if a drug user is out on the streets, there might now be a way for them to check their substances and prevent an overdose.

It’s sad that we have to have these test strips, but it is a reality that Fentanyl is being put into drugs all the time and leaving the user even more victim.If you are struggling with Fentayl abuse or want to know more about how to test your medications for tampering you can check out this website.

There are always resources for you, and when it doubt, throw it out. You don’t want to be the next statistic.