About Us

This site was created to compile a list of true news stories that outline the deadly effects of Fentanyl. We feel that there is not enough information for the public.

Fentanyl is taking lives at record-breaking numbers. It is taking the lives of toddlers, teens, and adults. Everyone is victim to Fentanyl, and nobody is immune. Even those that aren’t knowingly taking the drug can face its effects.

If you have a family member or loved one that is using Fentanyl we want you to share these stories with them, we want them to be aware of the dangers that they are facing.

We feel that if we take Fentanyl out of the dark, we can shine some light on the problems that it is causing for our nation.

This collection of news stories is a mixture between discoveries and recent happenings. We believe that if you read the stories and our articles, you will be able to have a deeper understanding of the dangers that are present.

We don’t want you to get scared if you or someone you know is likely using Fentanyl, instead, we urge you to use the resources we have provided and seek help as soon as possible.