Gift Aid Declaration

Your pound is worth 25% more

As a registered charity in Britain (No. 1011655) Finn-Guild can claim tax refunds on every £1 you pay, if you agree that your membership subscription is to be treated as Gift Aid. If you pay £20 as a membership fee, we actually receive £25 (+25%). Fill in the Gift Aid- form and support Finn-Guild effortlessly. Make your £1 worth 25% more.

Send your Gift Aid declaration:

  • by filling in and submitting the form below
  • by printing the form and sending it by post

Gift Aid Declaration form

A Gift Aid declaration can be done by a member, who pays income or capital gains tax in Britain. To register your subscription as Gift Aid costs you nothing and the declaration will be valid until you tell us otherwise. Remember to inform Finn-Guild, when you no longer pay tax on your income or capital gains in Britain.

Thank you for your support.

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