Fentanyl Heroin Mix Causes Overdose In Cleveland

All too common is the new fatalities caused by laced drugs.

It’s bad enough that people are doing drugs in the first place, but now more than ever, drugs are being laced with deadlier components.

Some might argue that drugs have been laced since the start, which may be true, but the drugs these days are far more deadly than they used to be.

One example occurred recently when a man from Cleveland was arrested recently. This 27-year-old drug dealer, Denico Casron, is being charged for the pills that cause a man to die.

His bond is 100,000, and for a murderer, we do feel it should be more. Too often drug dealers are not held accountable for the deadly pills they pass out. They are not thinking that they might cause someone to die by further tampering with their pills.

The man who to these pills was 52 and his name was Donovan. The police were able to figure out who had sold Donovan the tainted pills, and the set up a buy for later in the day.

This is when Carson, went to the same spot where he had sold to the man who would later be the subject of his deadly fentanyl pills.


Upon arriving the Cleveland police placed Carson under arrest for the murder of Donovan.

Carson is no stranger to the legal system in Cleveland. He has also been held on several other drug charges. A few years ago in 2016, he did a few years for the sale of heroin. He was also caught by an undercover cop this time.


Of course, Carson admits no wrongdoing, but it is clear who is at fault.

With the Fentanyl epidemic going no right know you really never can be sure of what you are getting. It’s important that if you or someone you know is using illicit drugs, like Fentanyl that you get help.

There are so many resources out there for you and you never know who you are buying your drugs from. You could end up like Donovan before too soon.