Fentanyl Is Causing Overdoses, Even From Doctors

A lot of times when you talk to somebody about drugs, they automatically think the kind that you buy off of the street.

This is increasingly not the case when it comes to the opioid epidemic. These days you can find many stories about doctors over-prescribing pills and getting teens addicted to pills or similar stories in adults.

It is no longer just your typical junkie stereotype that we see overdosing from drugs like Fentanyl.

Recently in one hospital in Ohio, fentanyl is the blame for a few overdoses. Ohio as it is the center for the opioid crisis. Even more alarming is the fact that Fentanyl is the cause for 75% of their overdoses.


This paints a picture for you of how many people really are using the drug.

One saddening story that occurred at Mount Caramel in Ohio, involves a Doctor by the name of William Husel. He was fired due to using large doses of Fentanyl that ultimately killed many patients.

In the initial statement from the Mount Carmel hospital, it was stated that those patients were probably going to be dying soon.  It is now being found that this is probably not true.

Troy Allison, one of the patients that died, went to the hospital in July after he started to have difficulty breathing. His wife called for an EMT.

Dr. William Husel met with Troy and administered a dose of 1,000 micrograms, which was enough to kill him.

Currently, there are over 20 other families that are seeking legal action against Dr. Husel and Mount Carmel. Dr. Husel was noted as using doses as high as 2,000 micrograms.

The reason these doses can vary is that many factors can go into a dose — previous history of use, weight, condition and so on.  There really are no standards.

This is why we urge you to help yourself, and family members stay away from Fentanyl unless it is direly needed. People are overdosing on the streets and under the care of a Doctor. It is hard to know what to do.

The only clear thing is that we need a solution to this problem. We need to formulate standards for doctors and get field tests out to all users that have yet to quit. If you want more information about how to stay Fentanyl free, visit this site to learn ways to steer clear.