Fentanyl Sends Women To Prison For 30 Years

By now we hope you’ve come to the conclusion that whether you’re doing Fentanyl or selling it, it will inevitably ruin your life.

At this point in the opioid epidemic, it’s not really a question of will it kill you, but rather when?

This is true for a woman from Virginia that recently was sentenced to 30 years in jail.  While this isn’t death, we think you will agree that this might as well be.  Spending your life behind bard for a quick buck is not where you want to be.

Recently a 44-year-old woman, Michelle Best of Virginia, was caught selling pills in Virginia Beach. She was the kingpin in an operation, selling them off to other dealers.

Whether she was aware or not of the tainted drugs, police do not know, but they are sure that the pills that Michelle Best contained Fentanyl, which caused multiple overdoses.

During the trial police learned that Michelle did become aware at a certain point, when a dealer told her someone had just overdosed. She is on record saying that it didn’t matter, and to continue selling the pills.

The US Attorney in Virginia wanted to make it a point that if you are going to commit a horrible crime like this, you will be punished for it. It is no joke to continue selling pills that might cause somebody to die.

Upon checking Michelle’s home they found over $40,000, marijuana, cocaine, and various other substances. Among these they also found guns.

Michelle was prosecuted for the gun due to a restriction stemming from a previous arrest assaulting a police officer and fighting dogs.

She was also suspected of killing her first husband, which after all these charges we might find to be possible.

What you can see in Michelle Best is the power of Fentanyl and other opioid drugs. They contain something that changes the brain and gets rid of your ability to make smart and clear-headed decisions.

Imagine what it would be like to knowingly sell a product that would kill someone, all because the drug has so much power of you.

The reason we are sharing this story with you is incase you know someone who is buying or selling pills. We want you to know that there is help out there.  There are so many stories where people have thrown their lives away, and we don’t want to see more victims.