Lordi and Shiraz Lane on tour

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Lordi was originally formed in 1992, when Mr Lordi started doing demos under this name, but the project was still more or less a one-man-band, with few extra members playing guitar solos and bass here and there. The now infamous monster masks and costumes iced the cake in 1994. After a full decade of sending demos to record labels, Lordi finally landed on a record deal in 2002 with BMG Finland.

The release of their first single Would You Love A Monsterman and the debut album Get Heavy both saw daylight that year. Lordi´s bold and shameless combination of 1980´s influenced melodic heavy metal with the outrageous horror image immediately caught the attention of the rock media and genre fans around the world. The band´s live shows became known for their horror film-like theatrics and bombastic pyros. 

Shiraz Lane is young guys in their early 20s and a worldwide recording deal with Frontiers Records (Whitesnake, Yes, Toto, Extreme etc…) in their pocket. I know they´re just in the very beginning of their career, but all signs shows that there´s something extraordinary in the air.
To keep it short, imagine Aerosmith, The Darkness, Skid Row, GN’R and maybe Led Zeppelin having a rock kid together, put a peace sign on it, and you´ll get quite close to what Shiraz Lane is about. Sure it´s about having fun too, but also there is a deeper level in everything they do, and they´re super talented musicians, amazingly hard-working little ones. Their debut album For Crying Out Loud is now out.

They´ve done massive tours in Finland (in Finnish scale, of course) and festivals during these two years I´ve worked with them, and so far one-off shows outside their home country in Japan, Canada, Italy and Germany, where they played in mighty Wacken Festival last Summer.

Tour dates and venues:
11.11.16 UK-Basingstoke – Stage
13.11.16 UK-Swansea – Scene
14.11.16 UK-Edinburgh – La Belle Angele
15.11.16 UK-Newcastle – O2 Academy
16.11.16 UK-Doncaster – Diamond
18.11.16 UK-Liverpool – Krazyhouse
19.11.16 UK-Bristol – Bierkeller
20.11.16 UK-London – O2 Academy

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