Man Fined $1 Million Dollars For Sale Of Fentanyl

If you watch the news on any day, you can see the power of the drug Fentanyl.

There is not a day that goes by when it doesn’t make the news. It is here to stay unless we do something about it.

Dealers are now selling drugs that are laced with Fentanyl, in addition to willingly selling Fentanyl to their customers.

A recent story involves a man from Buffalo that went before a federal jury. He was being charged with the sale of Fentanyl along with other drugs. His name is Brandon Barclay.

Barclay, a 30-year-old from New York, was arrested for the possession and sale of fentanyl to an undercover officer.

The charges Barclay’s face are going to cost him up to $1,000,000 as well as a possible 20 years in prison.  This was not Barclay’s first time selling to an officer either.

We are sharing this story to highlight the power that drugs like Fentanyl can have on someone. Even though Barclay was caught once and risked having his life ruined, he continues to sell the illicit drugs.

Fentanyl can take over your life. You stop caring about what’s right and wrong and are no longer acting with others best interests in mind.

We don’t want to see anybody end up like Brandon Barclay. If you or someone you know is involved in the sale of Fentanyl or other illicit drugs we want you to know the danger you are putting yourself.


You face jail time, fines, and the highly likely possibility of killing someone.

If you want to get the help, we have many resources for you, and you can also check the web for various stories where the same thing has happened to other drug dealers. We don’t say this as a scare tactic.

We merely want people to realize how serious it is to be a supplier of these deadly drugs. Get help while you still can. We know that many parents and friends ignore the fact that their loved ones are selling drugs, and we urge you to change that fact.