About Us

Finn-Guild is a member organisation that brings people together through community, language and culture. We encourage intercultural exchange, build and establish diversified social networks, and offer a unique community for sharing experiences, knowledge and skills. Finn-Guild works for the benefit of the Finnish-British community and also represents its members in different expatriate forums.

For its members, Finn-Guild offers a unique community, where they can share experiences and get support through the different stages of life. The organisation builds and maintains diverse social networks: Friendship network and Second Generation Finns among others. It supports and coordinates the Finnish Schools, and organises language courses, seminars and events for the members of all ages. Finn-Guild also awards grants for its student members.

Finn-Guild’s quarterly member magazine, Finn-Guild Links, reaches the Finnish-British community both in Finland and Britain. From our website, members find useful information about membership and benefits, events and language studies. Moreover, we interact with our members via newsletters and social media.

In Finland, Finn-Guild organises events for its members including bilingual families, expats returning home, and those interested in the British culture and English language.

Finn-Guild is a non-profit organisation operating through charity and voluntary work for the benefit of the Finnish-British community. It has promoted the rights of the expat Finns since 1965 and is an active member of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament. Finn-Guild is one of the largest organisation of its kind in Europe.

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