Finnish Schools

Language, Culture and Friends

The Finnish Schools, supported by Finn-Guild, promote Finnish language and culture within the bilingual families. The Finnish Schools strengthen the Finnish identity of those living in Britain, especially the identity of children of British-Finnish families. In Finnish Schools, Finns get together and many of the schools run also a Finnish shop, library, and café.

The Finnish Schools teach children about Finland and its history, geography and culture. They offer language courses for both children and adults.

The length of lessons is approximately 2–3 hours every other week, and varies from school to school. Attendance is voluntary and beyond compulsory education. The schools have small tuition fees, which vary depending on the school.

Finn-Guild operates as an umbrella organisation for 21 financially and administratively independent Finnish School around the UK. The size of the schools varies from 10 pupils to almost 100 pupils. All in all, there are approximately 500 children, 200 adult students, and 90 teachers, who all take part in the schools’ activities. Europe’s first Finnish School for expatriate children was established in 1972 in London.

Finn-Guild has a key role in maintaining and developing the Finnish Schools. Finn-Guild:

  • strengthens the Finnish Schools’ status and works for their advantages and benefits
  • helps establishing new schools financially and by providing information
  • operates as a coordinator and communicator for the schools
  • develops the administrative and pedagogic work in the schools
  • supports schools to find teachers
  • offers further education for Finnish School teachers
  • maintains the link towards Finland and Finnish authorities
  • pays the annual accident insurance for the schools
  • supports Finnish Schools’ local, cultural and language related events

Finnish Schools in Britain

See the list of Finnish Schools in the UK, their contact details and school days HERE.

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