Friendship Network

Looking for a friend in the UK? Friendship Network might be able to help.

Find a Finnish friend in Britain

Friendship Network is a unique nationwide network supported and maintained by Finn-Guild. The people in Friendship Network help fellow Finns move into their area and give practical information about everyday life in Britain from culture to local schools and neighbourhoods, among other. The Friendship Network is based on shared experiences, support and doing things together.

Become a Friend

Join Friendship Network and get to know the active Finnish community in your area. We organise meetings, events and seminars around Britain. The events are open for everyone.

To find a local member of Friendship Network, to create a local Finnish community or to become a supporting friend, contact Finn-Guild’s Events and Office Manager, Minna at minna.woodward(at) or on 020 7387 3508.

Become a Supporting Friend

Friendship Network’s supporting friends offer help and support in difficult and challenging situations in Finnish. Their work is voluntary and based on confidentiality. The work of supporting friends is coordinated by Finn-Guild together with Finnish Church in London. In the most severe situations, contact the Church's welfare officer Hanna Lindholm on 07973 224 528.

Friendship Network’s Steering Group

Friendship Network’s activities are led by a selected group of members from around Britain. These people develop Friendship Network, plan annual events and train and support the new friends.

Steering group 2016:

  • Minna Woodward, London, Finn-Guild Office and Events Manager, minna.woodward(at), 020 7387 3508
  • Hanna Lindholm, Welfare Office of the Finnish Church in London, hanna.lindholm(at), 07973 224 258
  • Jonna Gilbert, Bristol, jonnagilbert(at), 012 7584 7103
  • Riitta Hanson, York, riitta_hanson(at), 019 0470 3159
  • Tiina Paananen-McCreedy, Penzance, petetiina(at), 017 3671 1934
  • Marjo Paavilainen, London, marjopaavilainen(at), 07989 059 393
  • Päivi Turunen, Sheffield, paivi(at), 07748 655 587

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