Language Course Terms and Conditions


  • To enrol on a Finn-Guild Finnish course or an Intensive Study Day, a participant must be aged 18 or over at the start date.
  • The minimum number of participants per an evening course is six people. In the event of less than six people enrolling on the course, Finn-Guild reserves the right to cancel the course, and will give full refunds to all participants.
  • The maximum number of participants per an evening course is twelve people, and places can be confirmed only by paying the course fee. If a course is fully booked, participants can be placed on a waiting list. Depending on the capacity of the venue, or at teacher’s discretion, more people can be accepted on the course.
  • Finn-Guild reserves the right to change any times/dates/content listed. Under such circumstances all participants will be informed as soon as possible.
  • Finn-Guild reserves the right to use the participants’ email addresses for communicational purposes, such as for Finn-Guild newsletters and course mailing lists. All contact information will be treated as confidential and will not be given to third parties. Participants can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time.
  • All participants are liable to inform Finn-Guild of changes of their contact details.


  •  All language course fees (incl. evening courses and intensive study days) and payments must be paid two working days prior to the course start date.
  •  If a participant fails to pay the course fee prior to commencement, Finn-Guild reserves the right to send the participant a reminder with a £10 surcharge.
  • If a participant fails to pay the reminder with a £10 surcharge by the given due date, Finn-Guild reserves the right to claim the course fee with 15% penalty interest. In such circumstances, an invoice will be sent in 10 working days after the due date in the reminder.
  •  Should a participant fail to pay a course fee, or an invoice, he or she may not be allowed to attend.
  •  Finn-Guild does not accept payments in instalments nor deposits. All course fees must be paid for in full.
  •  If, due to unforeseen circumstances a course is cancelled by Finn-Guild, participants will receive a full refund of the course fees.
  • Finn-Guild reserves the right to cancel courses that fail to meet the minimum number of participants (six people) on the day of commencement. A full refund will be made in such circumstances.
  • If a participant wishes to cancel a course, he or she must do so in writing at least five working days prior to the start date in order to qualify for a full refund.
  • Any individual wishing to withdraw from a course two weeks after the start date will not qualify for any refund.
  • Refunds will can be returned using the following methods: bank transfer by BACS or by cheque.

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