A Step Forward

“Olin viime vuosikokouksessa kauhuissani…” 
”Rebranding oli turhauttava kokemus...” 
”Jos hinta nousee yli 20 punnan, eroan...” 
“Loss of Guild Travel regrettable…” 
”Guildilla on vanhentunut käsitys suomalaisuudesta (koti, uskonto ja isänmaa)...” 
“... protestina viimeaikaiseen kehitykseen...”   
”Thank you for reminding me to cancel…” 
”Links-lehti on täysin hakoteillä...” 
“Guild seems to be too focused on the elderly…”     


"It is a step forward that all the members can be heard, not only the ones who shout the loudest".

This was one of the comments from our member survey which was conducted last year. We have now analysed the results and read all the answers thoroughly. We were delighted with the number of responses we received; both negative and positive. We are a community in which each member’s opinion is valuable. Respondents had not only viewed Finn-Guild and its operations from different perspectives but also gave very good and constructive suggestions on how to further develop Finn-Guild. 

The response rate of the survey was higher than we anticipated (7.2 %) and higher compared to the previous survey conducted over seven years ago. The sample was big enough to validate the reliability of the survey and therefore the results will also steer our operations. The majority of the respondents were our current, loyal members.

It was an interesting finding that, in open-ended answers, the respondents mentioned issues that we had already started dealing with and focusing our resources on even before the survey was conducted. Hence some of these developments have passed unnoticed. Amongst the responses were comments such as “I truly hope that Finn-Guild will renew itself…”, “Finn-Guild needs an update to be able to continue operating in modern, dynamic Europe”, “On hienoa mitä teette meidän kaikkien hyväksi”. The results confirm that we have made a lot of correct decisions and that our future direction is the right one. The most valued areas Finn-Guild works for were listed as: giving reliable information, informing on current topics, arranging events, maintaining and developing the Friendship Network, supporting the Second Generation Finns, organising Finnish language courses and coordinating and supporting the Finnish Saturday Schools in Britain. Just to mention a few.

Respondents also had a lot of contrasting opinions: for/against the changes, Links magazine as a successful/failed concept, too much emphasis on old/young people, using too much Finnish/English language. We were also praised/criticized for taking into consideration our smaller social networks and language groups.

Later we will conduct a survey amongst non-members to find out the reasons why neither Finn-Guild membership nor its work are valued by or relevant to them. For the respondents to our current survey the work Finn-Guild does for the whole community was the most important reason for being a member.

We want to thank all the respondents for taking part in this survey and giving their opinions. It is good that Finn-Guild provokes members to speak. It is good that we all have the right to express our opinions. And above all, it is good that the majority of the respondents want Finn-Guild to continue its work. We also want to thank members for renewing their membership and for their continuing support for our Save the Charity campaign. We value your input and support hugely!

”I wish Finn-Guild can solve its serious current problems and will continue linking together the Finnish communities”. 

All the quotes are directly copied from the survey.  

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